Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Its really hard to sit down and write a blog entry consistently. Oh sure, its really easy if all your looking to do is fill a daily spot with some randomness, but to really sit down, and write out a well thought out, meaningful blog entry can be a challenge....

So this is what I plan to do with this poor abused blog of mine. On the off times when I'm not shamelessly promoting myself on here, I would like to write entries that would really mean something to someone, I would like to hear what you would like to see on this blog. Would you like to hear about other people's endeavors? Would you like to hear about my everyday routine? Maybe just see some pictures...and if so, of what?(sorry, no porn!) Would you like me to rant and rave about my business?....Perhaps rant and rave in general?(I can do that too...I'm a seasoned professional)!

Reply to this post with your ideas...I'd really like to hear them. I believe that a beautiful blog should not only keep its readers interested, but that it should also give its readers a voice as to what they would like to see as well. YOUR input is greatly appreciated!

For now I bid you adieu, but I will be back and I will be reading your suggestions!

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Ashley said...

I tagged you in my blog Dee! Hugs!