Sunday, March 16, 2008

Where On Earth Have I Been???!!!!!

Well...I'll tell you exactly where I've been and what I've been doing! For those of you who are kind enough to check into my blog to see if anything is new, you will notice my header is different. That's right, I am no longer, as of March 19, 2008 my official business name on and off etsy is now Barefoot Bath and Body!

Why the change? Well I'll tell you why! First, business was great, and I want to thank everyone who tried me out over the year 2007....but....It's hard to sell your products when you don't like your business name....and business could have been better to tell the, I spent months during this new year coming up with a name I would love and be proud of, and which would truly represent me and my products! I hope you like the new name!

Now, as for what else have I been doing? Well.....developing new bath and body products for one thing! I don't just make products and then put them out on the marketplace...NO WAY! I like to come up with a recipe, test it out, and test it out on my family and friends(but never my animal friends, mind you!)...this way, I can develop the best product for my loyal and new customers! So, for the past few months I have been perfecting my lip balm recipe, and, I now have hand and body lotion, and I hope to have a foaming sugar scrub up for sale very soon as well!

Okay viewers! I will be back often, I promise! In the meantime, browse around and enjoy the wonderful pictures I will be posting in the next few days!

Oh! And P.S.....Thank you heaps and bunches to for my new banner, which I also use in my shop, my shop avatar, and my new business card designs! If you want a quality banner and business card design that will get rave reviews by everyone, look to this shop....they are amazing!

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