Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Etsy Finds



I am proud to announce that as of today, I will be featuring at least one fantastic Etsy find each week....and this week, my first fantastic find is zomb, also known as Steph!
Steph started in graphic design when she was in high school and was asked to design school clothing, event programs and ticket designs. This led to eventually learning to screen print t-shirts in an effort to have her own unique look and style.

Zomb is a fun shop where you can find hand sewn monsters, screen printed t-shirts, prints, and much more! Right Etsy is part time for Steph as she is a full time univeristy student in visual studies and marketing.
When asked what she would like people to come away with when they visit her shop, Steph says, "When someone visits my shop I want them to go away thinking, 'that was fun!'" Steph also wants her shoppers to feel as though they had a unique experience in her shop.
Unique and fun...and quality is exactly what you will find at zomb! Bold colors, fun items that make you smile and say THAT IS SO COOL is definately what you will find. Check out Steph and her shop at!

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